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Grip Seal Bags

Your versatile solution for storing and organising small items with ease and reliability. Designed for convenience and reusability, these bags offer a secure closure mechanism that keeps your contents protected and readily accessible.

Perfect for home organisation, crafting, retail, and various industries, our Grip Seal Bags come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. They feature a unique grip-seal closure, allowing you to open and reseal them multiple times without compromising the integrity of the seal. Upgrade your storage and organisation game with Grip Seal Bags, ensuring your items remain neat, tidy, and easily accessible.

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Standard polythene bags used for grip seal bags can be recycled. Customers need to verify whether their local recycling programs accept code 4 materials. These bags are designed to be thin yet durable, minimising the use of plastic and making the packaging as eco-friendly as possible. The inclusion of recycled content enhances the product’s sustainability while also helping to avoid the Plastic Packaging Tax.

  • Durable and see-through grip-seal bags, perfect for small to medium-sized items
  • Crafted from 45-micron (180-gauge) low-density polythene
  • The secure grip seal guarantees effortless closure and easy access
  • Shields against dust and moisture, making it especially beneficial for long-term storage
  • Delivers exceptional clarity, making it an excellent choice for attractive retail packaging
  • Internal dimensions provided for accurate sizing
  • Manufactured from LDPE material with 30% recycled content
  • Manufacturing tolerance of +/- 5% applies
Grip Seal Bags
What is a Grip Seal Bag?

A plain grip seal bag is a type of polythene bag that features a secure grip seal for effectively sealing and accessing the contents as needed. These bags are made from standard grade low-density polythene film, composed of 70% virgin material and 30% recycled content. It’s important to note that this blend of materials may slightly impact the clarity of the bag.

What can Polythene Bags be used for?

Plain Grip Seal Bags are a practical solution for safeguarding items from dust, dirt, and moisture during transit or storage. This helps ensure that the items arrive in pristine condition, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

These resealable bags are versatile and can be used for a wide range of products, from body jewellery to nuts and bolts. They effectively prevent items from shifting around inside outer boxes or mailing bags, keeping them organised and protected. These lightweight bags also serve to separate multiple items, preventing tangling within a package. Additionally, they can be employed in a retail setting to showcase smaller items while maintaining optimal hygiene, especially when multiple customers handle the products.

For larger-sized bags, they are suitable for safeguarding reading materials such as manuals and documents. The extensive range of available sizes makes these resealable bags a versatile packaging solution for various purposes, making them valuable assets in both warehouses and offices.

Please note that bag sizes are provided in terms of their internal dimensions, specifically the opening width and height.



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