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Dolav Liners

Dolav Liners are specially designed to optimise the functionality and cleanliness of your Dolav containers. These liners are your reliable solution for maintaining hygiene, ease of handling, and efficient material transportation within your Dolav bins.

Perfect for food processing, agriculture, and industrial applications, our Dolav Liners are crafted with durable materials that withstand the demands of heavy use. They’re easy to install and remove, making cleaning and replacement a breeze.

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  • Waterproof and well-suited for a wide range of applications including agriculture, mechanics, food, and industrial use.
  • Frequently employed in the food industry to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards, particularly for meat and fish.
  • Certified as food-safe, with detailed specification information available upon request.
  • Offered in various sizes tailored to different application needs.
Dolav Liner
What is a Dolav Gusset Bag?

Gusseted polythene bags are characterised by their three-dimensional design, allowing them to conform snugly to the contours of cardboard boxes and other containers. These bags feature broad side gussets, the dimensions of which are outlined in the product table, and these gussets open up to create the shape of the container. This unique structure enables them to effectively line boxes, providing a robust waterproof barrier. To secure the inner protection, place the bag within a cardboard box, shipping container, or crate, ensuring it covers the edges to prevent the lining from shifting, and then fill as needed.

Crafted from a robust blend of 50-micron polythene with a distinctive blue tint, these bags are well-suited for moderately heavy-duty purposes. The high-strength blend allows for thinner and lighter bags while maintaining the same performance as thicker, standard polythene bags.

What is a Gusset Bag Used For?

The waterproof properties of these bags make them suitable for use in agricultural, mechanical, and food-related industries. They are particularly handy for storing or transporting food products prone to oil or moisture leakage, providing a clean and secure solution. The gusset feature enhances the usable space within the bag, allowing you to maximise the capacity of the outer container. Additionally, the bags can be folded down or sealed, to secure boxes. This sealing method is invaluable when transporting food, ensuring optimal hygiene and preventing any risk of contamination.

What is the Largest Size of Gusset Bag?

Our largest gusset bag measures 1194mm x 2235mm x 2134mm and is designed to fit snugly into our heavy-duty plastic pallet boxes. In total, we offer six sizes to accommodate various common applications, all constructed between 25-40-micron LDPE material. These gusseted polythene bags are delivered flat-packed and occupy minimal storage space due to their slim profile and lightweight nature. These characteristics also help reduce postal expenses if the bags are used in shipping.

We offer substantial wholesale discounts for bulk orders, further reducing overall expenses. Overall, blue tint liners prove to be cost-effective solutions for maintaining the cleanliness of meat and fish products.



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