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Cardboard Boxes


High Strength and Reliable, Eco Friendly Cardboard Boxes in various shapes and sizes with bespoke printing available.

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Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated fibreboard is the most popular packaging solution in the world today,
providing high strength and reliability whilst being 100 percent eco friendly.
All of our cardboard boxes are made from corrugated fibreboard sandwiched between layers of coated solid fibreboard. Providing exceptional strength and protection for your items.
Box Layers
Standard Single Wall Boxes are made from a single, corrugated layer sandwiched between two sheets of cardboard. As the most popular choice for boxes in the UK, these boxes are tough and lightweight, proving to be a cost-effective, general purpose packaging solution.
We can supply single wall boxes in a variety of wall thickness levels, including 2mm, 2.3mm, 4mm and 5mm.
Double and Twin Wall Boxes offer an incredibly hard-wearing, sturdy packaging solution with increased compression resistance. Ideal for protecting heavy or fragile products thanks to the extra layer of corrugated cardboard.
We can supply 4mm thickness double wall boxes, 6.5mm thickness double wall boxes and 9mm thickness twin wall boxes.

Flexible Options

Ideal for packing, shipping and storing a large range of products, Mariner Packaging provides an incredible choice of cardboard boxes in various sizes and configurations to suit your needs. We can also supply items such as Cardboard Corners (Edge Protectors) and Corrugated Cardboard Rolls. Contact us today to discuss your packaging requirements.
Box dimensions refer to the internal measurements of the box. When measuring boxes, the dimensions are measured in the following order: Length x Width x Height. Depending on the box grade and wall thickness, the internal dimensions of a box may differ to the external dimensions.
Some of our more popular choices include:

  • Palletainer Box (1200mm x 1000mm x 1070mm)
  • Corrugated 5lb Box (342mm x 275mm x 76mm)
  • Corrugated 10lb Box (385mm x 285mm x 100mm)
  • Corrugated 10lb Heavy Duty Box (385mm x 285mm x 100mm)
  • Corrugated 30lb Brown Box (570mm x 380mm x 180mm)
  • Corrugated 5kg True White Kraft Box (388mm x 285mm x 115mm)
  • Corrugated 10kg Boxes, White or Brown (489mm x 260mm x 194mm)
  • Corrugated 4 Block Box (485mm x 260mm x 250mm)
  • Corrugated 3 Block Box (500mm x 270mm x 215mm)

There is also the option for custom printing, display your company logo proudly on your packaging and boost the visibility of your brand.
All our cardboard boxes are easy to seal with hot melt glue, packaging tape or staples.
Sealing Methods
For some helpful information on selecting the correct cardboard box for your requirements, please read our article Choosing the Correct Cardboard Box

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Corrugated 5lb Boxes (x1000), Corrugated 10lb Boxes (x1000), Corrugated 10lb Boxes (Heavy Duty) (x1000), Corrugated 30lb Brown Boxes (x1000), Corrugated 5kg True White Kraft Boxes (x1000), Corrugated 10Kg Boxes (White) (x1000), Corrugated 10Kg Boxes (Brown) (x1000), Corrguated 4 Block Boxes (x1000), Corrugated 3 Block Boxes (x1000), Corrugated Rolls, Cardboard Corner (Edge Protectors) (x1000)


342mm x 275mm x 76mm, 385mm x 285mm x 100mm, 570mm x 380mm x 180mm, 388mm x 285mm x 115mm, 489mm x 260mm x 194mm, 485mm 260mm x 250mm, 500mm x 270mm x 215mm, 1200mm x 75m, 390mm x 290mm x 205mm, 390mm x 285mm x 200mm, 570mm x 377mm x 178mm


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