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Mariner Packaging help CERN Model the Birth of Stars!


Our Specialist Foils are Helping Scientists Model the Birth and Death of Stars

Mariner Packaging specialist foil sheeting is being used at a research facility in Switzerland to help physicists model the birth and death of stars.

In an interview with the researcher conducting the experiments; he has told us why our sheeting is the best solution for them and what they are trying to achieve.


Miguel Madurga Flores: Researcher at CERN


Hi Miguel – Thanks for meeting with us! Firstly can you Explain what CERN is?

“The European Organisation for Nuclear Research, known as CERN is a European research organisation that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.”

What are you Currently Researching?

detector wrapped lightiteOur research is conducted at the ISOLDE facility, at CERN. In this experiment we create rare isotopes – atoms that have the same chemical properties as ordinary matter but a different mass. These isotopes are extremely important to allow us to understand the evolution of stars, as the only places they occur naturally are the core of stars.

We can investigate the properties of these isotopes by measuring the radiation they give out. In this experiment we are interested in the radiation of neutrons. To enable us to detect neutrons we need to use plastic materials that emit light when hit by radiation. The picture to the right was taken right after a photo multiplier tube was connected, the black device on the top is the detector and is used to measure the amount of light produced.

So why are you using our Sheeting and what benefits does it provide?

“Since the efficiency of this type of material to detect radiation depends on how much light we produce and collect, it is imperative to wrap our detectors in completely opaque materials that also reflect as much light as possible.”

“We have found your foils are by far the best solution for that.”

“A few pictures of our array of these detectors at ISOLDE can be seen below, all wrapped in your specialist foils. The rolls you provided will be used to build a new set of detectors to increment our detection capabilities. Increased detection efficiency is crucial for us to be be able to measure the rarer species. It turns out that the most interesting isotopes to measure are often the hardest to produce!”

CERN Facility

And what will the detectors be used for?

“Through neutron energy spectroscopy, we measure the energy of the neutron radiation to understand the properties of the emitter. These findings allow to fine-tune the calculations other scientists use to model the birth and death of stars.”

With great thanks to Miguel for providing us with the information and images of this incredible use of our specialist foils in order to model the birth and death of stars.