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CERN Lightite Sheeting Project Update

By on Feb 16, 2016 in CERN | 0 comments

Update: CERN have released a summary on Building and characterising the IDS Neutron Detector prototype bars which can be read below.

Back in 2015 we brought you news that CERN – the European Organisation for Nuclear Research had enlisted the help of Mariner Packaging to help them discover the birth and death of stars. Using our premium quality Lightite sheeting they aimed to produce detectors that were capable of detecting emitted neutron radiation. In order to do this they needed to wrap their detectors in completely opaque materials that at the same time reflected back as much light as possible, since the efficiency of this type of material to detect radiation depends on how much light they produce and collect.

To read the full article click here.

6 Months On..

6 Months on and we caught up with Miguel, who is leading the project, to see how their initial testing with Lightite sheeting went, the results are impressive!

“We have just finished a new set of detectors using your Lightite sheeting, and the results are excellent.”

“One of the main goals for our new generation detector was to simplify the wrapping in order to be able build more detectors in a shorter time. Of course, for us is very important not to compromise the quality of our detection systems. After tests last year we discovered a single layer of Lightite sheeting is indistinguishable from a system wrapped with an intermediate sheet of teflon or aluminised mylar. That way we managed to halve our construction time, which for large projects like this matters. We are currently building 26 detectors, with another set of 20 planned for next year.”

Below are two photos of the new generation detectors that have been made using our silver lightite sheeting.

We will keep updated on any further developments throughout the year.
lightite sheeting cern

Mariner Lightite CERN

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