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UK PackagingMariner Packaging est. 2002 are worldwide exporters of high quality bespoke packaging, with over 30,000 square foot of total storage space over two locations we are the UK packaging specialists. With dedicated account managers, a fleet of fully tracked vehicles and in-house manufacturing.

As specialists in food-grade & printed bespoke packaging, Mariner Packaging provide a vast range of flexible product options to suit all your requirements. Mariner Packaging will ensure your manufactured products will remain fully protected and clearly identified from the manufacturing site to wholesale hub or retailer. We provide expertise to advise on the best packaging solutions, and work closely with our customers to ensure your preferences and requirements are met.

Construction Materials

bba Our DPM and Vapour Barrier sheeting protects structures by creating a barrier to the movement of moisture. This removes the risk of interstitial condensation by restricting the penetration of warm, moist air inside a wall, roof or floor structure and preventing the possibility of moisture permeating the building structure. Keep condensation to within safe limits with the use of Mariner Packaging construction sheeting, suitable for all internal building conditions.

Specialist Foils Products

We have a range of specialist foils products including refrigeration and absorbent pads. The reflective foil and insulated padding maintains a low temperature, protecting the freshness and quality of your product, while the specialised absorbent cells protect from moisture damage. Our specialist foils are also being used by scientists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research to help model the birth and death of stars.

business stabilityStability

Mariner Packaging is the name to trust in the supply of quality packaging. We have the confidence that comes with having financial strength and stability. With contracts in place with RAW material suppliers – as well as with other major clients throughout Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East – our future remains reassuringly secure and stable.

UK Food packagingService

At Mariner Packaging, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality service. Not just in the products we offer, but also in how we manage our business. Our clients feed back tells us that we are reliable with integrity in every circumstance.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team provide the support required for customers growth. Our sales team are available on the phone, via email or to visit you at your convenience to advise on the best products and solutions for your business.